Our Mission
Whether you are a visitor/tourist looking for a Maui Chiropractor, or live on Maui and curious about Chiropractic, it is our policy to offer the best of quality care for all of our patients. And the best in the management of your insurance case by applying skills that benefit both the patient and our employer community. Although any injury that occurs is unfortunate. We realize that many times they are unavoidable. Because of this factor. We have made it our goal to advocate for our patients and work with employers, nurse case managers, and insurance companies to facilitate good communication to produce a successful relationship between all parties involved.

Services we offerBack In Action Chiropractic, offers a comprehensive array of Chiropractic services to help you. You will find our treatments both comfortable and effective, and we match the best technique to your problem to get you feeling better sooner and with more comfort.

We offer traditional manipulative spinal therapy as well as several modalities such as muscle stimulation, soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, heat/ice therapy, ultrasound, traction, etc.

Chiropractic care can help in many ways for many conditions. Some of the most common conditions we treat include:
• Whiplash from car accidents
• Work related injuries
• Migraine and tension headaches
• Sciatica
• Disc herniations

Key Benefits:
• Pain relief
• Increased range of motion
• Better posture

We also offer multiple types of therapies as an adjunct to your care, including interferential, ultrasound therapy, microstim, heat or diathermy and cryotherapy.

We offer a variety of rehabilitative services that address multiple types of injuries insuring that our patients are restored to pre-injury shape.

PHYSICAL THERAPY – We offer referrals to either an in house facility or any in the community that will serve your specific injury needs. With rehab equipment they can focus on strengthening muscles that need it. We also design Home Care exercise plans to help you keep your spine and body healthy and prevent re-injury.

– We also have in house services that offer the best of these services, often in conjunction with Chiropraction manipulative therapy, to help you return quicker to a normal state of health.

CASE MANAGEMENT and EDUCATION – It is our focus to educate you about your injury and what treatment options are available to you. For more complicated cases we often work with other medical specialists in the community to aid in combining the best of all treatment options.

We offer training in back safety and ergonomic training.
Key Benefits:
• We can train at your office or ours.
• We have flexible hours.
• We can help your workplace prevent injuries

X-RAY – We offer referrals for x-ray only when clinically indicated.

We work with a full panel of specialists in the community. We often refer for consultation and treatment for complicated injuries, so you can receive the best additional health care needs. These often include referrals to medical doctors, neurologists, orthopedists, physiatrists, psychiatrists and neurosurgeons.

Dr. Wruck is the first and only Chiropractor on the “Allied Health Professional Staff” at Maui Memorial Medical Center and is also “On Call” with the Emergency Room. His close relationship and involvement in the medical community allows him to help you decide what health care options are available to you, to help facilitate a speedier recovery.


  1. massage therapy on my back I’ve a specialist name dr.rogers and he sent me to fine someone who does this kind of work I have covert age with Medicare and try care for life do you take these kind of medical coverage..?

    1. Hello,
      Our staff will contact you via email shortly.
      Thank you!

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